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Crea©tive area

Get inspired, create and share...


In the Crea©tive area, you can find the artworks made from Clairefontaine and Maildor products. These creations are classified by categories: Create, Draw, Color, Cut, Paste or Decorate. This area proposes, this way, examples of your own creations or those made by the Clairefontaine's workshop.


For some realisations, you will find creative cards to download explaining the different steps to follow for each creation, a level of difficulty and photos of each step.




Publish your artworks !


Put your artworks online, on the Crea©tive area. Share your talents or inspire others with your last creation ! Take pictures of your photo albums, paintings or your origami.



Fill-in the download file by clicking on « share your artworks » on the left of this page. Follow instructions and publish your works.

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